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Fernando Sorrentino


While dusting off his extensive library, the narrator discovers a diminutive man on one of the lower shelves.

Waiting for a Resolution

A fearsome mosquito traps a man in his apartment.

The Ushuaia Rabbit

The narrator captures a rare rabbit-like creature, thought to be extinct for over a century.

Doctor Moreau Did It

A man meets his girlfriend's parents.

Essence And Attribute

A man notices a small wart on his left hand.

The Return

A man is the only witness to an accidental killing and the bizarre series of events that follow.

The Lesson

A young employee has an encounter with the company general manager.

In Self-Defense

When little Juan Manuel defaces a neighbour's door the potential dispute escalates in a bizarre direction.

My Friend Luke

A profile of the timid but highly irritating man known to his friends as Luke.

A Drama of Our Time

Relaxing at home, Fernando spots an attractive young woman on the balcony opposite.

The Empire Of The Parakeets

Revealing the sinister hidden agenda behind the apparently pointless behaviour of a particular type of tiny green insect.