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Arthur Conan Doyle

Arthur Conan Doyle

Edinburgh, Scotland

Although best known as the creator of Sherlock Holmes, Arthur Conan Doyle's work includes science fiction, historical romance and books on warfare and spiritualism. The first Sherlock Homes novel appeared in 1887 and the fictional detective soon brought fame and fortune - though Doyle always maintained his historical romances held more worth. Influenced by Edgar Allan Poe, Doyle's work often demonstrates a similar contrasting of the rational and the imaginative.

39 min read

The Brazilian Cat

A hard-up young man receives a timely invitation to visit a mysterious, wealthy cousin at his country retreat - a bizzare menagerie of birds

34 min read

A Case of Identity

* Story contains bad language

Holmes investigates the case of a fiancee who disappeared on the day of the wedding.

31 min read

The Adventure Of The Three Students

A professor at a top university seeks Holmes'help with a possible case of cheating in a valuable scholarship exam.

38 min read

The "Gloria Scott"

The first case Holmes ever solved - while at university, he helps out a friend who's father is dying of nervousness following a visit from a

39 min read

The Adventure Of The Noble Bachelor

Holmes investigates when the Californian bride-to-be of Lord St. Simon goes missing just before the wedding.

55 min read

The Adventure Of The Priory School

* Story contains bad language

The headmaster of an exclusive boarding school persuades Holmes to track down the abducted son of a wealthy duke.

35 min read

The Five Orange Pips

* Story contains bad language

Holmes investigates a case that begins when a young man finds his uncle terrified by five orange pips he receives in the mail.

47 min read

The Boscombe Valley Mystery

* Story contains bad language

When Mr. Charles McCarthy is shot in a wood near Boscombe Pool, all (circumstantial) evidence appears to point at his son. But Holmes has do

44 min read

The Red-Headed League

* Story contains bad language

Mystery in which a pawnbroker is offered an apparently unmissable job opportunity - only red-heads need apply.

34 min read

The Man with the Watches

An apparently impossible scenario involving the diappearance of three people from and the appearance of a totally unknown - dead - fourth on

35 min read

The Final Problem

Holmes reveals the existence of a single organiser behind half the crime in London - an evil genius named Professor Moriarty - and soon find

36 min read

The Yellow Face

A man seeks Holmes' advice when his wife's odd behaviour leads him to suspect she is hiding a terrible secret.