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Fernando Sorrentino

Fernando Sorrentino

Buenos Aires, Argentina

I was born in Buenos Aires, on November 8th, 1942. As worthy men have said, in my fiction, there is a curious mixture of fantasy and humour that sometimes comes in a grotesque framework, and always in a verisimilar one. I like reading more than writing, and, in fact, I don't write too much. After thirty-two years, I do not have a long bibliography to show. As with anybody else, to a greater or lesser extent, I have received a good number of literary prizes.

3 min read


What dark resentments stir in the primitive brain of Frankenstein?

10 min read

Re-Entry into Society

It looked just like a parrot cage, only larger.

5 min read

Going Back to Our Roots

After watching a debate on the perils of a consumerist society, a man turns off his television and heads to a bicycle shop.

5 min read

The Cubelli Lagoon

In the southeast region of the plains of Buenos Aires, you might come across the Cubelli Lagoon, known as the "Lake of the Dancing Alligator

24 min read

The Life of the Party

Such a charming couple! Young, elegant, good conversationalists - but, of course, they never give the impression they are aware of it.

12 min read

Habits of the Artichoke

A tutor is given an artichoke plant and soon learns that taking care of it is not going to be easy.

16 min read

Problem Solved

A troublesome package is left at the home of an employee of the Insignia Financial Group.

3 min read

Rewarding Superstitions

A man makes a living out of other people's superstitions.

8 min read

Chastisement By The Lambs

A man investigates an increasingly common phenomenon involving carnivorous lambs with a highly developed sense of justice.

7 min read

Method for Defense against Scorpions

An alternative to the traditional methods.

7 min read

An Enlightening Book

Detailing Dr Ludwig Boitus' studies of the strangely charastmatic Caliguinas bird.

10 min read

A Question of Age

Memories of a house and a Grandma.