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Fernando Sorrentino

Fernando Sorrentino

Buenos Aires, Argentina

I was born in Buenos Aires, on November 8th, 1942. As worthy men have said, in my fiction, there is a curious mixture of fantasy and humour that sometimes comes in a grotesque framework, and always in a verisimilar one. I like reading more than writing, and, in fact, I don't write too much. After thirty-two years, I do not have a long bibliography to show. As with anybody else, to a greater or lesser extent, I have received a good number of literary prizes.

3 min read


What dark resentments stir in the primitive brain of Frankenstein?

10 min read

Re-Entry into Society

It looked just like a parrot cage, only larger.

5 min read

The Cubelli Lagoon

In the southeast region of the plains of Buenos Aires, you might come across the Cubelli Lagoon, known as the "Lake of the Dancing Alligator

5 min read

Going Back to Our Roots

After watching a debate on the perils of a consumerist society, a man turns off his television and heads to a bicycle shop.

24 min read

The Life of the Party

Such a charming couple! Young, elegant, good conversationalists - but, of course, they never give the impression they are aware of it.

12 min read

Habits of the Artichoke

A tutor is given an artichoke plant and soon learns that taking care of it is not going to be easy.

16 min read

Problem Solved

A troublesome package is left at the home of an employee of the Insignia Financial Group.

3 min read

Rewarding Superstitions

A man makes a living out of other people's superstitions.

8 min read

Chastisement By The Lambs

A man investigates an increasingly common phenomenon involving carnivorous lambs with a highly developed sense of justice.

7 min read

Method for Defense against Scorpions

An alternative to the traditional methods.

7 min read

An Enlightening Book

Detailing Dr Ludwig Boitus' studies of the strangely charastmatic Caliguinas bird.

10 min read

A Question of Age

Memories of a house and a Grandma.