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Fernando Sorrentino

Fernando Sorrentino

Buenos Aires, Argentina

I was born in Buenos Aires, on November 8th, 1942. As worthy men have said, in my fiction, there is a curious mixture of fantasy and humour that sometimes comes in a grotesque framework, and always in a verisimilar one. I like reading more than writing, and, in fact, I don't write too much. After thirty-two years, I do not have a long bibliography to show. As with anybody else, to a greater or lesser extent, I have received a good number of literary prizes.

6 min read


While dusting off his extensive library, the narrator discovers a diminutive man on one of the lower shelves.

9 min read

Waiting for a Resolution

A fearsome mosquito traps a man in his apartment.

9 min read

The Ushuaia Rabbit

The narrator captures a rare rabbit-like creature, thought to be extinct for over a century.

13 min read

Doctor Moreau Did It

A man meets his girlfriend's parents.

3 min read

Essence And Attribute

A man notices a small wart on his left hand.

9 min read

The Return

A man is the only witness to an accidental killing and the bizarre series of events that follow.

9 min read

The Lesson

A young employee has an encounter with the company general manager.

11 min read

In Self-Defense

When little Juan Manuel defaces a neighbour's door the potential dispute escalates in a bizarre direction.

7 min read

My Friend Luke

A profile of the timid but highly irritating man known to his friends as Luke.

9 min read

A Drama of Our Time

* Story contains bad language

Relaxing at home, Fernando spots an attractive young woman on the balcony opposite.

3 min read

The Empire Of The Parakeets

Revealing the sinister hidden agenda behind the apparently pointless behaviour of a particular type of tiny green insect.