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G. K. Chesterton

G. K. Chesterton

26 min read

The Flying Stars

The last crime of the notorious thief Flambeau was a Christmas crime, a cheery, cosy, English middle-class crime.

36 min read

The Secret Garden

A decapitated body is found during a dinner party at the house of the Chief of the Paris Police, in the walled garden. Father Brown is a gu

36 min read

The Blue Cross

Hot on the trail of master criminal Flambeau, the head of the Paris police arrives in London, where he begins to notice small things out of

31 min read

The Invisible Man

* Story contains bad language

Threatening notes are sent to a brilliant inventor, apparently from a former rival for the affections of a young lady.

37 min read

The Queer Steps

* Story contains bad language

Confined to a room in an exclusive club during an important dinner, Father Brown notices some unusual sounding footsteps.