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Jack Trammell

Jack Trammell

Virginia, US

Jack Trammell is a writer and teacher in central Virginia, with five published books, including "Gray" (Xlibris), "Return to Treasure Island" (HSWF), "The Saints Departed" (HSWF), "Appalachian Dreams" (Escape Press), and "Math in History" (POL). He teaches local writing classes, in addition to teaching middle school English, and has written for two presidential campaigns. His current projects include a Civil War novel, an unpublished manuscript being marketed, and a new collection of poetry with Escape Press.

11 min read

A Glimpse of Heaven

Two soldiers speculate as to where the dead go the night before a battle.

7 min read

The Sleeping Stones

A woman awaits the return of her husband at the end of the war.

4 min read

The Thing You Want

A soldier encounters a beautiful girl.

12 min read

Company G

* Story contains bad language

When the army accuses Sam of disgracing the entire cause of the Confederacy and vows to hunt down his companion, the suspicion falls on thre

15 min read

Spoon Boy

The story of a young soldier and his good luck charm.