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Jamie Brindle

Jamie Brindle

Jamie Brindle writes various shades of fantasy fiction, from comic fantasy to fantasy so dark it’s going on horror. He always seems to be busy, but somehow manages to get things written in the end. Occasionally, his wife even reads them. Jamie has done a range of jobs in the past, including boomerang salesman, tractor driver, hedge maze attendant, and - most recently - doctor. He lives and works in the Midlands.

30 min read

Autumn Flowers, And The Spring

* Story contains bad language

These things do not happen to the dead, she told herself.

29 min read

The Other Option

Quince returns to the life-selling business, but this time he's got competition

25 min read

The Big Deal

Quince sells death. No wonder he likes his job.

18 min read

Advance Directive

* Story contains bad language

My name is John Price AD, and I have to decide if someone lives or dies.