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Matthew Licht

Matthew Licht

Matthew Licht learned to write before two extremely tough audiences: the readership of a magazine popular among the incarcerated and/or mentally handicapped, and the 4th and 5th grades of a New York Public School.

13 min read

12 Again

Bobby Osgood woke up one October morning and he was twelve years old again...

12 min read


* Story contains bad language

Haut Graves became hot graves, in his mouth.

19 min read

The Bear Got Me

* Story contains bad language

Top-secret, high-tech rocket science devolves into a primitive situation on a stretch of Alaskan highway. Nature’s still stronger than we ar

7 min read

Jeremy and the Magic Lobster

Just cuz a crustacean can talk don't make him magic! A children's story for adults.

7 min read

Magazine Skin

* Story contains bad language

Life's roughest jokes don't have punch-lines.

9 min read

Jodie's Daddy is a Garbageman!

It’s a dirty job, but Jodie’s father does it well and happily. This story brings Take Your Daughter to Work Day to a different level, but it