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Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde

26 min read

The Young King

* Story contains bad language

The story of young prince, brought up as a goatherd, who becomes king on the death of his father and develops a deep fascination with the be

10 min read

The Model Millionaire

Hughie Erskine is good-looking but penniless and needs ten thousand pounds to wed the love of his life. Then he drops in on a painter friend

17 min read

The Happy Prince

The statue of a Prince asks a sparrow to help solve sad people in his city.

21 min read

The Remarkable Rocket

A firework thinks he is really amazing and tells everyone so - but is he right?

69 min read

The Fisherman and his Soul

A fisherman accidently captures and falls in love with a mermaid but must make a sacrifice to be with her. A fairytale, reminiscent of , par

21 min read

The Devoted Friend

What exactly is friendship? A miller has very strong opinions on the subject in this witty tale narrated by a bird.

56 min read

The Portrait of Mr. W. H.

Who is the mysterious Mr. W. H. to whom Shakespere dedicated his sonnets? The validity of one bizarre theory hinges on a wonderful painting

8 min read

The Selfish Giant

The tale of a selfish giant who closes his beautiful garden to children.

37 min read

The Birthday of the Infanta

A spectacular party is thrown in honour of the Infanta of Spain's birthday; there are actors, jugglers, magicians - and a dancing dwarf. A

10 min read

The Sphinx Without a Secret

The story of a man's encounter with a painstakingly mysterious girlfriend.

61 min read

Lord Arthur Savile's Crime

* Story contains bad language

A man is told by a palm reader that he will commit a murder. A satirical crime story that cleverly reverses the conventions of the genre.

56 min read

The Canterville Ghost

* Story contains bad language

When an American minister buys Canterville Chase, a long term resident's life (or death) is thrown into turmoil.