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Hector Hugh Munro, better known by the pen name Saki, and also frequently as H. H. Munro, was a British writer whose witty, mischievous and sometimes macabre stories satirize Edwardian society and culture.

13 min read


Revealing the dangers of giving previously dumb animals the power of speech. Especially cats.

12 min read


Alethia Debchance, raised on a strict diet of romance novels, leaves home for the first time to visit her distant cousin Robert, an aspiring

4 min read

The Talking-Out of Tarrington

When an wholly unsuitable man tries to aquire invitations to an aunt's picnic, the task of putting him off is left to Clovis.

8 min read

The Boar-Pig

The Stossens encounter more problems than expected when they try and crash a garden party through an apparently empty paddock.

6 min read


The government's success in a by-election becomes dependant on the acquittal of an obviously guilty man.

14 min read

The Remoulding of Groby Lington

A man becomes obsessed with the idea that owners might grow to resemble their pets. Then someone buys him a monkey.

7 min read

For The Duration Of The War

Boredom leads a rector into temptation following his move to a country parish.

8 min read

The Philanthropist and the Happy Cat

Jocantha decides to share her happiness with the less fortunate through a spot of afternoon philanthropy.

6 min read

The Cupboard Of The Yesterdays

A Wanderer and a Merchant argue over the downsides to modern war.

7 min read


In the window of a dismal 'Toy Emporium' a particularly horrible doll in peach-coloured velvet with leopard-skin accessories fires the imagi

14 min read

The Story of St Vespaluus

The great king Hkrikros - a devout worshiper of the sacred and esteemed serpants - depairs as his favourite nephew begins to show signs of C

7 min read

The Guests

A woman tells of a particularly stressful experience involving a visiting bishop, a flood and a hungry leopard.