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Caleb Klaces

Caleb Klaces

Birmingham, UK

Caleb Klaces is the author of two poetry collections, and the novel Fatherhood (2019).

8 min read


* Story contains bad language

A typical child feels dangerously.

1 min read

Painting over Aya Sofia

A lot of the painting here is painting over. Can everyone at the back hear over everyone? Everyone is a blast of light seeping across the film. All day high...

1 min read


A translator who has a phobia of moths spent three years translating a book with a moth motif. It’s ironic, she has said, that she knew more about the moths...

1 min read

Language is her caravan

Frosty, green through gray rising steeply, top of the bank a big top, red with a sign, misty, fantastical on the walk to school.“My sister can’t express...

1 min read

The Sun in a Box

When I was younger I drafted a memory. I drew a rectangle on a piece of card and called it a computer. Happy hours spent playing with framed nothing...