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Katherine Mansfield

Katherine Mansfield

15 min read

The Voyage

A young girl is sent off on a voyage with her grandmother.

12 min read

Her First Ball

With a mixture of excitement and trepidation, a country girl newly arrived in the city attends her first ball.

34 min read

The Daughters of the Late Colonel

Two sisters readjust their lives following the death of their father.

25 min read

The Garden Party

Upper and working class collide as young Laura's family throw a lavish garden party.

23 min read


As Bertha Young turns the corner of her street she is overcome by a feeling of bliss. Subtle tale of the events surrounding a couple's dinn

10 min read

The Singing Lesson

A music teacher takes a singing class soon after receiving a terrible letter.

6 min read

Bank Holiday

A literary sketch of a bank holiday fair.

9 min read

Miss Brill

An older woman goes for a walk in the park.

10 min read

The Young Girl

A coulple are left in charge of a difficult young girl while her mother visits a Casino.

11 min read

An Ideal Family

After another hard day's work at the office, an aging man reflects on the state of his family.

65 min read

At The Bay

* Story contains bad language

A day in the life of the inhabitants of Crescent Bay.

12 min read

Life of Ma Parker

* Story contains bad language

Portrait of an old lady deeply affected by the death of her grandson.