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Maria C McCarthy

Maria C McCarthy


Maria C. McCarthy was the winner of the Society of Authors' Tom-Gallon Trust Award 2015. Her collection of linked short stories As Long as it Takes was published by Cultured Llama in 2014. Her latest publication is a pamphlet of poems, There are Boats on the Orchard, (Cultured Llama, 2017). She lives in the Medway Towns.

26 min read

Ivy Lodge

* Story contains bad language

That first night in the Lodge, I had the strangest dream, though I didn’t seem to be asleep. A weight was pinning me down, as if a creature were crouching on my chest.

10 min read


* Story contains bad language

The Neanderthal’s dog had been barking all day.

4 min read

Cold Salt Water

The water is pink, the blood seeping into the crystals.