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Age 4-6

4 min read

The Glugs of Gosh - The Glug Quest

* Story contains bad language

The enchanting poem about the Glugs who live in Gosh, a land of adventures and magic.

2 min read

The Mouse

One day Jacob was out in his yard. He was sitting in the shade of a big tree. His dog was with him.“It is hot out here,” he said to his dog. Just then a...

1 min read

The Kitten

One day Jacob was outside looking at his dog. As it happens, he heard a meow, meow.“What was that?” he asked his dog. He looked at his feet and there was a...

1 min read

Sarah Wants to be a Teacher

“I want to be a teacher,” said Sarah one day.“That is grand,” said her mother. “You will be a good teacher.”“Can I be a teacher today?” asked Sarah.“Yes, you...

1 min read

Joshua Wants to be a Cat

One day Joshua looked at his mother. “I want to be a cat,” he said.His mother looked back at Joshua and said,“Why do you want to be a cat?”“I think it would...

2 min read

Joshua Wants a Whistle

“I want a whistle,” said Joshua one day.“OK. Take the magic nickel and get a whistle,” said his mother. Joshua got the magic nickel.“Whistle, whistle,...

1 min read

The Page of Paper

“I cannot think of what to do today,” said Emma.“You can go outside,” said her mother.“No, I do not think that I want to go outside,” said Emma.“You can make...

1 min read

Jacob is a Pancake

“I think I will be a pancake today,” said Jacob to his dog. His dog wagged its tail and seemed to think that would be a good thing.“Pancake, pancake,...

1 min read

Jacob is a Car

One day when Jacob got up, he went to his mother. “Mom, I want to be a car,” he said.“Well, that would be cool. If you want to be a car, you can be a car,”...

2 min read

It is Hot

“Mom, it is hot out here in the yard,” said Madison on a hot summer day.“If you are hot, then use the magic nickel to cool yourself off,” said Madison’s...

2 min read

Hannah Sees a Butterfly

Hannah was outside in the yard one morning with her magic nickel. She was looking at the flowers that were in a flower bed. A butterfly flew by and landed on...

1 min read


One day Olivia was out in her yard.“I think I will go fishing,” said Olivia.“That would be fun,” said one of her cats.“Yes, I think you should go fishing,”...