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Age 7-12

12 min read

Prince Hyacinth and the Dear Little Princess

A spell gives Prince Hyacinth has a very big nose... but he likes it that way!

3 min read

The Six Sillies

A young man wants to marry a silly girl... but must find three sillier people first!

45 min read

The Princess Mayblossom

Princess Mayblossom is trapped in a tower, safe from a dangerous witch.

15 min read

The Story of Sigurd

Sigurd and his horse are a great team in the face of challenges and adventures.

6 min read

The True History of Little Golden Hood

* Story contains bad language

The story of Little Golden Hood, who can be seen in the fields like the sun.

23 min read

Prince Darling

* Story contains bad language

A prince learns how to have empathy with the help of a fairy and a ring.

29 min read

The Wonderful Sheep

A princess is stolen from her castle but meets a wonderful sheep.

14 min read

The Water Lily and The Gold-Spinners

When a wicked witch keeps her beautiful daughters locked away, who will save them?

22 min read

The Enchanted Pig

A woman loves her husband, who is a pig, and follows him to the ends of the earth.

2 min read

The Princess and the Pea

A Princess is given a bad night's sleep when a Queen puts a pea under her mattress!

16 min read

The Happy Prince

The statue of a Prince asks a sparrow to help solve sad people in his city.

21 min read


The sweet story of the adventures of a girl no larger than a person's thumb.