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5 min read

Mr Sticky

One day a tiny water snail appears in Abby's fish tank.

18 min read

A Kidnapped Santa Claus

One might think that Santa Claus would have no enemies on all the earth - and for a long time, he didn't ... then the Daemons came along.

11 min read

The Nightingale and the Rose

A romantic nightingale comes to the aid of a lovesick student who has a single day to find a red rose.

4 min read

The Image Of The Lost Soul

A sweet-voiced but lonely bird finds refuge with an isolated statue.

31 min read

The Star Child

* Story contains bad language

Two woodcutters discover a baby where a shooting star falls - but the child it becomes is both beautiful and cruel.

5 min read


An enchanted elf helps a miller's daughter turn straw into gold... for a price.