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1 min read

Emily and Popcorn

One day Ms. Smith was making popcorn in her classroom. Her students were at music. All at once the popcorn popped out of the popcorn popper. It fell into one...

1 min read

Dan the Cat

One day Mr. Ness was in the classroom.A cat walked into the room. “Hello, Mr. Ness,” said the cat.Mr. Ness looked at the cat. He was surprised. “Who are...

2 min read

Dan the Basketball

“Good morning, Mr. Ness,” said Dan as he walked into the classroom before school.“Oh, good morning,” said Mr. Ness who was sitting at his teacher’s desk....

2 min read

Andrew and White Horse

One day Andrew was out in his yard. He was watering some flowers.There was a clop, clop behind him. He looked and there stood a white horse with...

1 min read

A Robot Dog

A story of a tree who turned a boys dog into a robot.

1 min read

The Miller, His Son and Their Ass

A miller and his son try to walk a donkey - but get into difficulty when they listen to everyone's opinion.

11 min read

The Star Wife

High-feather wants a Star-Maiden for his wife... but should they live in the sky or on the ground?

2 min read

Dolly Dimple

Four year old Babs wants her Dolly in the night - but Dolly has other ideas!

1 min read

The Moon-Cake

A big boy tricks a little boy into giving him his cake by comparing it to the moon.