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61 min read

The Naval Treaty

Holmes comes to the aid of a civil servant who has fallen on hard times following the theft of an important treaty placed in his care.

32 min read

Gentlemen and Players

The master criminal Raffles sets his sights on a priceless collection of jewels. Crime story in which the villain is the hero.

34 min read

The Crooked Man

Holmes investigates the murder of a popular and apparently happily married Colonel.

38 min read

The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle

A Christmas mystery for detective Sherlock Holmes beginning with a lost hat and an abandoned goose.

10 min read

The Tell Tale Heart

So you think he's mad? Nervous? True! - but you should see how wisely he carries out his plan.

8 min read

The Confession

Suzanne stays at the bedside of her dying sister, who she has lived with her whole life.

78 min read

The Bolted Door

* Story contains bad language

A suicidal playwright, finding himself unable to do the deed on his own, attempts an unconventional method involving the confession of a dar

41 min read

A Scandal In Bohemia

* Story contains bad language

Holmes comes to the aid of the King of Bohemia, a case which brings him into contact with the adventuress Irene Adler.

39 min read

The Adventure Of Black Peter

An ill-tempered ex-ship's-captain is brutally murdered, pinned agaist the wall of his garden shed by a harpoon.

34 min read

A Case of Identity

* Story contains bad language

Holmes investigates the case of a fiancee who disappeared on the day of the wedding.

39 min read

The Brazilian Cat

A hard-up young man receives a timely invitation to visit a mysterious, wealthy cousin at his country retreat - a bizzare menagerie of birds

31 min read

The Adventure Of The Three Students

A professor at a top university seeks Holmes'help with a possible case of cheating in a valuable scholarship exam.