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Fairy tale

Delve into a beautiful world of fairy tales... And find your enchantment
11 min read

My Lord Bag of Rice

Hidesato kills a centipede and is rewarded with magical gifts.

30 min read

The Happy Hunter and Skillful Fisher

Two brothers, a skilled fisher and a happy hunter, try to get along.

14 min read

Princess Hase, a Story of Old Japan

Princess Hase has a cruel stepmother, but she remains kind.

26 min read

Prince Yamato Take

The story of Prince Yamato Take and his protector the Sun Goddess.

14 min read

Princess Kwan-Yin

Kwan Yin is a beautiful princess who listens to her heart instead of her father.

14 min read

The Man Who Would Not Scold

A deceitful man called Wang is punished when he steals a duck from his neighbour.

5 min read

The Golden Nugget

A lovely story of two friends who show true friendship and kindness to one another.

13 min read

The Strange Tale of Doctor Dog

A strange tale about a sick girl, her loving father and a doctor dog.

13 min read

The Two Jugglers

Two jugglers create an astonishing trick for an emperor - but was one delicious peach worth it?

22 min read

The Talking Fish

A cranky old man decides to become a fish and loves it - until he starts to get hungry.

20 min read

The Golden Beetle

A poor woman is given a miraculous golden beetle... Starting the war of dogs and cats.

15 min read

The Nodding Tiger

A tiger kills an old woman's son - but finds ways to make amends.