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3 min read

The Formation of Hurricanes

At the beginning, there were the not-yet-living. Although they were something less than present, and something more than absent, the not-yet-living were...

21 min read

The Height of My Apex

* Story contains bad language

Someone shit in the men’s sauna again, and now the entirety of Apex Fitness smells like the aftermath of a ruptured septic tank.

8 min read

Sara conjures the devil

* Story contains bad language

Sara wished her brother dead. She wished old Pastor Brookes dead as well.

8 min read

Wild Child

Annaliese wanted to conceive in the woods. We were wild animals, she said, and our baby would be wild too. Its creation should reflect that. So, she insisted...

7 min read


* Story contains bad language

The realtor showed us the house on West Garland Avenue and insisted it had everything we wanted.“Look,” he said, “there’s a fireplace, granite countertops,...

9 min read

The Genie of West Garland Avenue

For a while, there were rumors that a man in our neighborhood could grant wishes. My family lived on the Northside, on a street of tiny, near-identical...

6 min read

Eleanor’s the World’s Largest Ball of Twine

* Story contains bad language

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, citizens of Grimsville young and old, I write to you today with good news. The wait is over. Your beloved World’s...

4 min read

The Pineapple Problem

* Story contains bad language

The pineapples arrived six or twelve at a time.“A half dozen or a dozen,” Culver said and Jane wondered why she hadn’t thought to group them that way in her...

1 min read

Next Time They Will Wow Them With The Shiny Stuff

Luckily, the Indians see them coming. They see the sails. They are picnicking, the Indians. They have spread their blankets up on the rocks, where there is a...

3 min read

Small Spade

Did you know sometimes I take little Joel to your graves? I weed. He runs whooping through the stones, over bodies. He scalps Indians, beheads terrorists....

4 min read

So Much To Burn

My neighbor is burning his mail again.

2 min read

The Kissers

A man in a baseball cap stands in line with other men waiting to kiss a woman. The men are all sorts of men: fat, short, freckly, legal aides, dishwashers....