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31 min read

The Headstrong Historian

Many years after her husband had died, Nwamgba still closed her eyes from time to time to relive his nightly visits to her hut, and the mornings after, when...

25 min read

Cell one

* Story contains bad language

The first time our house was robbed, it was our neighbor Osita who climbed in through the dining-room window and stole our TV and VCR, and the “Purple Rain”...

36 min read

Checking out

* Story contains bad language

In London, night came too soon. It hung in the morning air like a threat and then in the afternoon a blue-gray dusk descended, and the Victorian buildings...

20 min read


Twice a month, like a dutiful son, I visited my parents in Enugu, in their small overfurnished flat that grew dark in the afternoon. Retirement had changed...

29 min read


* Story contains bad language

The woman, a stranger, was looking at me. In the glare of the hot afternoon, in the swirl of motorcycles and hawkers, she was looking down at me from the...

7 min read

There was this boy I met at a party, years back

* Story contains bad language

and I really don’t know if I should be telling you this, because you might even meet him around here somewhere or – even worse – try to find him and use him....

16 min read

Paddy & Veronika

* Story contains bad language

From the Czech Republic, her name was Veronika Markova, twenty-two years old, and she was sitting on their sofa, with Max on her lap, although the interview...

17 min read

Kavita & Dr Mehrotra

She might have saved money by opting for the usual Bombay taxi: cramped, fumy, with no air-conditioning and a few gods on the dashboard. Instead, Kavita...

11 min read


* Story contains bad language

I began to think, for no particular reason, about what the exact series of events would be were I to die at that moment – before, even, my coffee went cold.

14 min read

The Meme

Was it just because Keith’s upper arms wobbled as he shouted and fell; because he was – let’s face it – fat? Was that why ours rather than a billion other...

11 min read

So Long, Whale Bum

* Story contains bad language

To give you some idea how seriously I took it, that’s what I called my first solo album.The public, if such a noble beast still exists, agreed with my low...

2 min read

Notes for a Young Gentleman

A gentleman should greet with genuine warmth only the following persons – his sister’s daughters, his maternal aunts and his mortal enemies.