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10 min read

One Last Wish

“It’s always the same to begin with,” I said. “I’m on the beach. The sand is hot, the sun is bearing down. It makes the sand look white, like snow.”

29 min read

Mending Jones

* Story contains bad language

It was eerie sometimes, how a room filled with talking people would quiet up when he spoke. I felt like I was that room full of people then.

5 min read

Hats Off to Herb

A true story, based on the written history of Hester N. Harris, the author’s grandmother.

16 min read


* Story contains bad language

People aren’t as good at dying as you might think.

4 min read

Naming Day

On the morning of the Naming Day, I am up early.

11 min read

Autumn Starlings

He sat on the bench. Their bench. And watched the birds. And remembered.

2 min read

Bad Mexican Food

She looked at me with wonderful blue eyes.

29 min read

The Salt Gets in Mr. Valens’ Eyes

* Story contains bad language

The target, the target. I had little to go on.

4 min read

The Coyote and the Strange Thing

There is a bleached skeleton that holds no marrow.

9 min read

The Vandals are Coming!

Mr. and Mrs. Whitaker next door were targeted the following weekend...

11 min read

Leaving Bill

Truda paused at the gate and tried to calm her racing heart.

17 min read

Saving Lives

Not for the first time, the solution came to him in the middle of the night.