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18 min read

An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge

A man stands on a railroad bridge; his wrists are bound with a chord, a rope encircles his neck. This story was adapted into the most popula

15 min read

Gifts to the Dark Gods

* Story contains bad language

She has everything she needs, everything she ever wanted - why would she risk losing it all?

25 min read

The Blockade

* Story contains bad language

Hasta returns to blockaded Nepal, with money in his pockets and two missions to accomplish

13 min read

A Jug Of Syrup

A compilation of the facts and testimonies of witnesses following the return of a dedicated shop keeper from the dead.

11 min read

Time Lost

The relationship between a father and his son is explored through their differing pastimes.

23 min read

The Trial For Murder

A banker is disturbed by visions of a murdered man and his killer. Then he is called for jury duty.

4 min read

Time, Again

"Before we met, you showed me your diary."

10 min read

Losing Her Twice

* Story contains bad language

A man traces the unfortunate story of someone from his past.

11 min read

Psyche And The Pskyscraper

The story of an wholly unphilosophical girl and her two suitors.

11 min read

This is about Dixie

* Story contains bad language

It all began with a new electronic cat flap ...

11 min read


Grief has a sobering effect on a drunkard craftsman as he takes his sick wife to hospital during a blizzard.

4 min read


A woman talks about her marriage.