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5 min read

In Country

Moving day for Danny and his father.

10 min read

The Poet And The Peasant

A country boy arrives in the city - but is mistaken for a confidence trickster.

16 min read

Mr and Mrs Dove

* Story contains bad language

A man prepares to propose to a woman he considers hopelessly out of his league.

27 min read

How Santa Claus Came To Simpson's Bar

* Story contains bad language

On Christmas Eve in remote settlement cut off by heavy flooding, a group of men pay a visit on a deprived boy.

12 min read


Philosophy meets sex on the French Riviera

18 min read

An Indian Odyssey

A philosophical journey for an American travelling by train in India

4 min read

The Image Of The Lost Soul

A sweet-voiced but lonely bird finds refuge with an isolated statue.

41 min read

The Vampyre

* Story contains bad language

A young man becomes involved with the mysterious, mirthless Lord Ruthven.

39 min read

The Private History of a Campaign that Failed

* Story contains bad language

The misadventures of a group of reluctant soldiers during the American civil war - in many ways, this story anticipates Catch 22.

10 min read

The Great Bell

Humorous parable about a king who unwisely seeks advice from his subjects on a tough engineering problem.

32 min read

Lady with Lapdog

* Story contains bad language

A bored middle-aged adulterer picks up a young married woman little expecting the great love that will develop.

20 min read

The Mummy's Foot

A man buys the mummified foot of an Egyptian princess as a paperweight but soon finds his dreams disturbed.