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Results for Science Fiction
24 min read


The Rasite ship sprawled ten times the size of the little cruiser that Ambros had named Starlight.

11 min read

Happy Birthday Patrick


Yesterday’s air sucked out, tidied and smoothed for re-use.

20 min read

The Hated

Byron has been to Mars. Now he's not supposed to leave New York and New England. For good reason.

14 min read

Pumping Up Napoleon

Napoleon is resurrected and meets a young lady.

10 min read

The Hedgehog

Mrs. Hatch-Mallard takes her rivalry with Mrs. Dole into the realm of the supernatural.

32 min read

Simon at the Shore Line

Are halter-tops and half price Bermudas part of the grand design?

6 min read

The Cubelli Lagoon

In the southeast region of the plains of Buenos Aires, you might come across the Cubelli Lagoon, known as the "Lake of the Dancing Alligator

3 min read

Phase in Space

Humorous Sci-Fi tale of how the world could be.

7 min read

The Wrinkles

Stephen tells me the wrinkles methodology is a hoax...

18 min read

"Ministers of Grace"

An unusually religious Duke gets tired of petty party politics and replaces the members of the Houses of Parliament with Angels.

13 min read

Old Timer

As the supply of fan mail dwindles, ageing screen icon Lana Lawn decides to invite a young student to dinner. Someone's in for a surprise.

89 min read

Falls The Shadow

A historian is given the chance to run very realistic simulations of the past.