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Science Fiction

29 min read

The Other Option

Quince returns to the life-selling business, but this time he's got competition

48 min read

The Horla

Creeping paranoia becomes something altogether more sinister, but is it madness or has he discovered a plot that threatens humanity.

3 min read

Eternity is 20 Seconds Long

They would have the time of their lives. A long time.

20 min read

Time, Art & Criticism

* Story contains bad language

What is art? And who decides? The artist or the critic?

8 min read

Chastisement By The Lambs

A man investigates an increasingly common phenomenon involving carnivorous lambs with a highly developed sense of justice.

17 min read

Rachel's House

* Story contains bad language

A disturbing vision of the afterlife as a killer is executed by lethal injection.

16 min read

Paris, at Night

* Story contains bad language

"You grow memory like a crop, and when you want to, you harvest it."

18 min read

Moxon's Master

A brilliant scientist who believes that machines can think creates something dangerous in his workshop.

27 min read

The Day of an American Journalist in 2889

A fly-on-the-wall account of a futuristic Citizen Kane's busy daily routine.

5 min read

The Star

* Story contains bad language

Not even fame can protect you when the world goes wrong.

25 min read

The Big Deal

Quince sells death. No wonder he likes his job.

7 min read

An Enlightening Book

Detailing Dr Ludwig Boitus' studies of the strangely charastmatic Caliguinas bird.