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Science Fiction

7 min read

An Inhabitant Of Carcosa

A man wakes from thought and realises he is wandering on an unfamiliar and desolate expanse of plain.

10 min read

The Music on the Hill

* Story contains bad language

A couple apparently run into some ancient forces when they make the move to the country.

9 min read

The Return

A man is the only witness to an accidental killing and the bizarre series of events that follow.

32 min read

The Horror of the Heights

A pioneering aviator begins to suspect that the official explainations cannot account for the constant stream of in-air deaths and disappear

29 min read

The Enemy of All the World

A biography of scientific wizard and arch-enemy of mankind, Emil Gluck.

20 min read

Manuscript Found in a Bottle

While on a voyage to a remote archipelago, the narrator is overcome by a premonition of evil. But the ship's captain pays no attention.

28 min read

Bleeding Jungle

Fantasy, in the vein of Jean Auel, about a lost tribe who's future is threatened by the encroachment of modern man.

13 min read

One Of Twins

One half of a pair of absolutely identical twins tells of the strange, supernatural bond between him and his brother.

12 min read

MacArthur at Sunset

* Story contains bad language

Returing home with a copy of Lethal Weapon IV under one arm, Katherine is surprised to find her sister waiting in the living room - especial

3 min read

The Empire Of The Parakeets

Revealing the sinister hidden agenda behind the apparently pointless behaviour of a particular type of tiny green insect.

18 min read

Advance Directive

* Story contains bad language

My name is John Price AD, and I have to decide if someone lives or dies.

5 min read

Professor Panini

Professor Panini is too clever for his own good.