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Science Fiction

6 min read

A Most Ambitious Experiment

A perfectly simple time travel experiment is made increasingly complex by the involvement of the inventor's other half.

4 min read

They're Made out of Meat

A conversation about an unusual discovery.

15 min read

John Sadness

Touching sci-fi story about the enduring connection between mother and child.

12 min read

The Library Of Mabel Mogaburu

* Story contains bad language

A book lover lends one of his prized possessions to a mysterious girl.

18 min read

An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge

A man stands on a railroad bridge; his wrists are bound with a chord, a rope encircles his neck. This story was adapted into the most popula

23 min read

The Trial For Murder

A banker is disturbed by visions of a murdered man and his killer. Then he is called for jury duty.

4 min read

Time, Again

"Before we met, you showed me your diary."

56 min read

The Haunted House

* Story contains bad language

A gentleman moves into a reputedly haunted country house; soon the servants are scared witless but the master is not convinced. Plays with d

7 min read

A Psychological Shipwreck

A man sets sail from Liverpool to New York on 'The Morrow' where he becomes attracted to a strange young woman.

12 min read

The Realm Of The Unreal

At night, while travelling down a dark ravine road, a man bumps into the unsettling Dr Dorrimore.

41 min read

The Vampyre

* Story contains bad language

A young man becomes involved with the mysterious, mirthless Lord Ruthven.

20 min read

The Mummy's Foot

A man buys the mummified foot of an Egyptian princess as a paperweight but soon finds his dreams disturbed.