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20 min read

Thicker than Water

Joe had a bad feeling he’d need his gun before the night was over.

27 min read

Ivy Lodge

That first night in the Lodge, I had the strangest dream, though I didn’t seem to be asleep. A weight was pinning me down, as if a creature were crouching on my chest.

24 min read

The Replica

* Story contains bad language

If there was anyone in the world who wasn’t cursed, it was Sam.

26 min read

The Underneath Place

* Story contains bad language

It was his underneath place, the place where he came to bury his jars.

40 min read

The Kneeler

* Story contains bad language

I woke to the sound of something creaking on the porch...

27 min read

The New Catacomb

In this homage to Poe, two rival scholars are brought together when one discovers an important early Christian burial ground.

3 min read

One Summer Night

The fact that Henry Armstrong was buried did not seem to him to prove that he was dead ...

19 min read

The Petting Zoo

Johnson has always been fascinated by spiders.

10 min read

The Cobweb

When Emma Ladbruk's husband inherits a farm, it comes with an old woman who soon starts to get in the way.

16 min read

The Damned Thing

A man is called to give evidence at the coroner's inquiry into the violent death of a hunter.

11 min read


A young man's suspicions are aroused when he finds out his dead mother is appearing to his father, threatening eternal damnation unless the

25 min read

What Was It?

A gentleman moves into a reputedly haunted apartment block. Initially amused by the idea, he soon has reason to take it seriously.