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10 min read


A young man's suspicions are aroused when he finds out his dead mother is appearing to his father, threatening eternal damnation unless the

25 min read

What Was It?

A gentleman moves into a reputedly haunted apartment block. Initially amused by the idea, he soon has reason to take it seriously.

56 min read


* Story contains bad language

Mary Boyne and her husband, requiring a country home in England after a business windfall, acquire a reputedly haunted house.

46 min read


* Story contains bad language

A prospective buyer goes to look round a French chateau (complete with chapel and tombs) but finds the place deserted - apart from a strange

19 min read

The Black Cat

An apparently gentle man becomes increasingly less so as he sinks deeper into an obsession with a mysterious black cat.

38 min read

The Woman at Seven Brothers

An assistant lighthouse keeper arrives at his first appointment - on an island with the lighthouse keeper and his strange young wife.

18 min read

The Case of Lady Sannox

A case which leaves a Lady of notoriously loose morals in a nunnery and her lover - a brilliant physician - in a vegetative state.

12 min read

Habits of the Artichoke

A tutor is given an artichoke plant and soon learns that taking care of it is not going to be easy.

21 min read

The Haunted Valley

* Story contains bad language

A man uncovers the dark secret of a mysterious valley owned by a xenophobic drunkard.

24 min read

The Japanned Box

While in the service of a widower with a dark past, a young tutor begins to wonder about his master's regular visits to a room nobody else i

48 min read

The Horla

Creeping paranoia becomes something altogether more sinister, but is it madness or has he discovered a plot that threatens humanity.

45 min read

The Bell In The Fog

A writer becomes obsessed with a portrait of a young girl.