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17 min read

Rachel's House

* Story contains bad language

A disturbing vision of the afterlife as a killer is executed by lethal injection.

62 min read

Mrs. Zant and the Ghost

A man and his daughter come accross an apparently mad, ill woman in a London park.

48 min read

The Beast With Five Fingers

* Story contains bad language

Just before his death, Adrian Borlsover develops the power of automatic writing, which creates some unexpected issues for one of his heirs.

25 min read

The Inn

When one of the winter caretakers of an isolated mountain inn goes missing, loneliness beings to take its toll on the other.

36 min read

The Body Snatcher

* Story contains bad language

A student doctor becomes suspicious of the methods being used to supply dead bodies for his professor's dissection table.

16 min read

The Middle Toe of the Right Foot

One night, four men arrive at a notorious, reportedly haunted, house and prepare for a duel to the death.

7 min read


Scary bedtime story about a mother and daughter's night-time journey home.

25 min read

The Phantom Coach

A man becomes lost on a moor in heavy snow and is rescued by a strange, reclusive academic.

5 min read

The Bowmen

In the heat of battle, with tens of thousands of Germans descending on the British trenches and all hope lost, a man prays to Saint George.

13 min read


* Story contains bad language

A man decides to take action against football hooligans.

58 min read

Sir Edmund Orme

* Story contains bad language

As a man pursues the affections of beautiful young girl, he begins to experience a strange phenomenon that up till that point only affected

15 min read

A Tough Tussle

At night, in the autumn of 1861, a brave but sensitive Federal officer sits alone in the heart of a forest in western Virginia.