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16 min read

Proof Of The Pudding

A bedraggled writer corners the editor of a respected publication and demands to know why his story has been rejected.

2 min read

Fund Day

A cautionary tale for anyone considering involvement in high finance.

9 min read

Excepting Mrs. Pentherby

At an extended house party everyone gets along splendidly with one another - except a certain Mrs. Pentherby.

8 min read


An author, at work on the third chapter of his eighth novel, is interrupted by an encyclopaedia salesman.

13 min read

A Case Of Displacement

* Story contains bad language

An investigator is put on the case when a mad philologist steals a new weapon.

13 min read

Pumping Up Napoleon

Napoleon is resurrected and meets a young lady.

20 min read

A Ramble In Aphasia

First-person account of a successful lawyer's sudden loss of memory and the resulting adventure.

6 min read

The Chaplet

Revealing the dangers of mixing good food and popular music.

9 min read

The Hedgehog

* Story contains bad language

Mrs. Hatch-Mallard takes her rivalry with Mrs. Dole into the realm of the supernatural.

7 min read


James Cushat-Prinkly reluctantly sets off for afternoon tea with the girl he intends to marry.

6 min read

A Matter of Sentiment

The day before the big race and those gathered for Lady Susan's house-party are keen that their money be on the right horse.

8 min read


A penniless young gentleman with a mildly successful gambling habit finds a 'sure thing' to put some serious money on.