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4 min read

The Match-Maker

A witty dinner conversation in which Clovis decides it is time his mother thought about getting married.

7 min read

The Quest

The residents of the Villa Elsinore lose a baby. Then they find a baby. Then they find another baby.

1 min read

The Flying Machine

Venture capitalists get a bashing in this witty reworking of the -style fable.

7 min read

The Man Who Married Himself

A frank account of the experiences of one man who found his perfect partner.

9 min read

The Seven Cream Jugs

A family receive a visit from a newly wealthy relation - a man they had previously shunned due to his notorious character flaw.

43 min read


* Story contains bad language

The members of a women's Lunch Club - an organisation rife with political infighting - are keen to impress a distinguished guest.

9 min read

The Toys Of Peace

An uncle tries to interest his young nephews in some experimental non-violent toys.

8 min read

The Bull

Two half-brothers - one a farmer, the other an artist - come to blows over their differing aesthetic viewpoints.

12 min read


Alethia Debchance, raised on a strict diet of romance novels, leaves home for the first time to visit her distant cousin Robert, an aspiring

9 min read

A Nose For the King

A Korean politician, in jail for diverting just a few too many public funds, develops a cunning escape plan.

13 min read


Revealing the dangers of giving previously dumb animals the power of speech. Especially cats.