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4 min read

The Talking-Out of Tarrington

When an wholly unsuitable man tries to aquire invitations to an aunt's picnic, the task of putting him off is left to Clovis.

6 min read


While dusting off his extensive library, the narrator discovers a diminutive man on one of the lower shelves.

7 min read

For The Duration Of The War

Boredom leads a rector into temptation following his move to a country parish.

14 min read

The Remoulding of Groby Lington

A man becomes obsessed with the idea that owners might grow to resemble their pets. Then someone buys him a monkey.

6 min read


The government's success in a by-election becomes dependant on the acquittal of an obviously guilty man.

8 min read

The Boar-Pig

The Stossens encounter more problems than expected when they try and crash a garden party through an apparently empty paddock.

9 min read

Waiting for a Resolution

A fearsome mosquito traps a man in his apartment.

9 min read

The Ushuaia Rabbit

The narrator captures a rare rabbit-like creature, thought to be extinct for over a century.

20 min read

The Ransom of Red Chief

Two kidnappers fail to heed the old adage - never work with children.

7 min read

The Guests

A woman tells of a particularly stressful experience involving a visiting bishop, a flood and a hungry leopard.

14 min read

The Story of St Vespaluus

The great king Hkrikros - a devout worshiper of the sacred and esteemed serpants - depairs as his favourite nephew begins to show signs of C

7 min read


In the window of a dismal 'Toy Emporium' a particularly horrible doll in peach-coloured velvet with leopard-skin accessories fires the imagi