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1 min read

Lucy Anderson's Lament

A Negro slave is all I’ve ever been Since snatched, branded with a red-hot poker Stripped bare and whipped aboard lying unclean Fettered and chained with an...

1 min read

Casting Off

Cast off the mooring ropes at bow and stern head out into the early morning mist hoist the big mainsail, free the jib, and turn feeling the filling canvas...

1 min read

The Taxis

In the first taxi he was alone tra-la, No extras on the clock. He tipped ninepence But the cabby, while he thanked him, looked askance As though to suggest...

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The room was suddenly rich and the great bay-window was Spawning snow and pink roses against it Soundlessly collateral and incompatible: World is suddener...

3 min read


It is patent to the eye that cannot face the sun The smug philosophers lie who say the world is one; World is other and other, world is here and there,...

1 min read

Meeting Point

Time was away and somewhere else, There were two glasses and two chairs And two people with the one pulse (Somebody stopped the moving stairs): Time was away...

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If we could get the hang of it entirely    It would take too long; All we know is the splash of words in passing       And falling twigs of song, And when we...

1 min read

Painting over Aya Sofia

A lot of the painting here is painting over. Can everyone at the back hear over everyone? Everyone is a blast of light seeping across the film. All day high...

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A translator who has a phobia of moths spent three years translating a book with a moth motif. It’s ironic, she has said, that she knew more about the moths...

1 min read

Language is her caravan

Frosty, green through gray rising steeply, top of the bank a big top, red with a sign, misty, fantastical on the walk to school.“My sister can’t express...

1 min read

The Sun in a Box

When I was younger I drafted a memory. I drew a rectangle on a piece of card and called it a computer. Happy hours spent playing with framed nothing...

1 min read


I wear my fear around me / I fan it out on my pillow