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22 min read

Highway Time

A musician helps out a young girl.

13 min read

The Thing's The Play

The story of the violinist Ramonti and a woman with two jealous suitors.

19 min read

The Fulness Of Life

A romantic vision of the afterlife.

31 min read

Simon at the Shore Line

* Story contains bad language

Are halter-tops and half price Bermudas part of the grand design?

30 min read

Blues in the Night

* Story contains bad language

When Katherine sails into a secluded bay she seems destined to meet a creative kindred spirit in blues musician Matt.

4 min read

Return to Paradise

Lisa returns to the island of her honeymoon to think about her marriage.

55 min read

Learning The Western Alphabet

* Story contains bad language

A love story in two voices: Martin Green, an English teacher in China in the 1980s, and MingMing, his young Chinese 'minder'

10 min read


Sick of the seemingly endless supply of cheating city professionals, Courtney and Stephanie head off to Texas to catch themselves a couple o

10 min read

Staring Me In The Face

* Story contains bad language

Have Jeanna and Malcolm something more in common than a love of books?

59 min read

Rappaccini's Daughter

* Story contains bad language

A student rents an apartment that looks onto the meticulously kept garden of the strange Dr Rappaccini and his beautiful daughter.

23 min read

Past One At Rodney's

* Story contains bad language

A tough gang member wanted for murder meets a lady in a bar.

28 min read

The Lagoon

* Story contains bad language

By a stagnant lagoon, as his love lies dying, Arsat tells the story of their meeting and the price he had to pay to be with her.