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16 min read


* Story contains bad language

A man meets a beautiful but penniless girl on a trip to Cuba.

49 min read

The House Of The Dead Hand

With the promise of a viewing of a lost Leonardo masterpiece, a man visits the home of the obsessive Dr. Lombard and his daughter.

12 min read

Three Letters

A woman reflects on an old love.

15 min read

The Replacement

* Story contains bad language

A make-up artist has a revealing temporary job.

8 min read

Madeleine Rain

* Story contains bad language

Two women meet at a Woody Allen film.

46 min read

An Imaginative Woman

Ella had always admired the work of Robert Trewe, but when she finds herself sub-letting his appartment, her love of the poems starts to bec

44 min read

Destiny and a Blue Cloak

* Story contains bad language

A case of mistaken identity leads to a passionate romance between Agatha and Oswald; but when Oswald goes to India on a scolarship, it seem

32 min read

Lady with Lapdog

* Story contains bad language

A bored middle-aged adulterer picks up a young married woman little expecting the great love that will develop.

61 min read

Amy Foster

* Story contains bad language

A young girl falls in love with a mysterious stranger, shipwrecked in the bay near her village.

9 min read

Old Ghosts

Alone on his seventy-sixth birthday, Jim Brennen remembers the love of his life.