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Emma Wants to be a Tree

“I want to be a tree,” said Emma one day.

“Then take your magic nickel and be a tree,” said her mother.

Emma got her magic nickel and went outside.

She looked at her yard and could see a good spot for a tree. She went to that spot and stood there.

“This will do well,” she said as she held up the magic nickel. “Tree, tree, tree.”

Poof! Emma was a tree.

“I am as big as our home,” she said. “This will be fun.” Emma stood in the yard like the other trees.

She could feel the wind blow on her.

“The wind feels good,” she said. She stood and stood and stood in the same spot. Not much happened. A bird landed on her, and then a squirrel ran up her.

“This is boring,” she said. “It is not much fun to be a tree. I just stand and stand. I need to have more fun.” Emma stood still some more as the wind blew on her.

“I need to think about how to have fun as a tree,” she said. She stood still some more.

“That is what I will do. I will dance. Dance, dance, dance,” she said as she held her magic nickel.

Poof! Emma was a dancing tree, and the other trees near her were dancing trees.

“Birds, can you all sing for us trees?” asked Emma.

“Yes, we can,” said the birds, and they began to sing.

Emma’s roots came out of the ground and she began to dance. The other trees came over and started to dance, too. Around and around Emma the tree and the other trees danced.

“Now, this is fun,” said Emma.

Boom, boom, boom went the trees’ roots as they hit the ground when the trees danced. Emma and the other trees were so big that their dancing shook Emma’s home. Emma’s mother came running out of their home.

“Emma, what are you doing?” asked her mother.

“I am a dancing tree, and I am dancing with the other trees,” said Emma. “Come and dance with us.”

“I do not think that I should dance with trees,” said Emma’s mother.

“Yes, you can,” said Emma as she grabbed one of her mother’s hands and started to dance with her.

Emma’s mother started to dance, and soon had a big grin.

“This is fun,” said Emma’s mother as she danced with Emma and the other trees. “I have never danced with trees before. They are good dancers.”

“See, I told you that you should dance with us,” said Emma. Emma the tree and her mother danced and danced with the other trees.

“Time to go in and rest,” said Emma’s mother after dancing for about two hours.

“OK,” said Emma. She picked up her magic nickel.

“Thank you, trees, for dancing with us. Thank you, birds, for singing to us. Emma, Emma, Emma.”

Poof! Emma was Emma the girl, and the other trees were normal trees again. Emma and her mother went into their home. They needed to rest after all of that dancing.