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17 min read

Notes on Preserving Beech Leaves, 2001-2003


I am looking at something I thought mine alone...a beech leaf, brittle and brown now.

16 min read


"I love you, Martha, but you break things. You're breaking us."

14 min read

Red, Yellow and Purple

But in my head that summer before we moved into the town was yellow and purple and red and supremely happy

5 min read

Model Citizen

'Do you think he's sometimes too perfect?' she said quietly.

24 min read


The Rasite ship sprawled ten times the size of the little cruiser that Ambros had named Starlight.

12 min read

The Cards


You have to play the cards you're dealt

42 min read

The Return of Moby Dick


Once again I cursed to myself the idea of having planned this writing course

18 min read


There was something satisfying about spreading the grass evenly...

7 min read

No Less than Thirty


When he was only six years old his mother sent him to the mosque to learn the Quran

4 min read

Too Late

"That tree," he says. "It's looking at me."

25 min read

Comfort in the Dark


Jeannette treasured the moment when television sets died, computers shut down, and refrigerators stopped refrigerating...