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20 min read

Thicker than Water

Joe had a bad feeling he’d need his gun before the night was over.

27 min read

Ivy Lodge

That first night in the Lodge, I had the strangest dream, though I didn’t seem to be asleep. A weight was pinning me down, as if a creature were crouching on my chest.

10 min read

One Last Wish

“It’s always the same to begin with,” I said. “I’m on the beach. The sand is hot, the sun is bearing down. It makes the sand look white, like snow.”

16 min read


* Story contains bad language

People aren’t as good at dying as you might think.

29 min read

The Salt Gets in Mr. Valens’ Eyes

* Story contains bad language

The target, the target. I had little to go on.

24 min read

The Replica

* Story contains bad language

If there was anyone in the world who wasn’t cursed, it was Sam.

4 min read


* Story contains bad language

Your thoughts trek to all the points of the compass, but still that twist eludes you.

26 min read


* Story contains bad language

How many people who turn on a light understand the generation of electricity?

26 min read

The Underneath Place

* Story contains bad language

It was his underneath place, the place where he came to bury his jars.

3 min read

On the Bright Side

On the Bright Side by Edward Jones For seven years, dead girls came to my office.

12 min read


* Story contains bad language

Haut Graves became hot graves, in his mouth.

10 min read


* Story contains bad language

The Neanderthal’s dog had been barking all day.