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5 min read

Naming Day

On the morning of the Naming Day, I am up early.

18 min read

Saving Lives


Not for the first time, the solution came to him in the middle of the night

5 min read

Model Citizen

'Do you think he's sometimes too perfect?' she said quietly.

12 min read

The Cards


You have to play the cards you're dealt

4 min read

Too Late

"That tree," he says. "It's looking at me."

25 min read

Comfort in the Dark


Jeannette treasured the moment when television sets died, computers shut down, and refrigerators stopped refrigerating...

7 min read


The tree stood at ten, maybe twelve feet tall, but as far as the boy was concerned, it might as well have reached the grainy, spring sky.

4 min read


What dark resentments stir in the primitive brain of Frankenstein?

14 min read

12 Again

Bobby Osgood woke up one October morning and he was twelve years old again...

11 min read

The Scar

They said I sat on the bottom like an astronaut floating in space...

10 min read

A Crown of Kingfishers

It being the last Thursday of the month, the greatest witch in Ireland had gone to the hairdressers and would not return for another hour

6 min read

The Hunter and the Bear

Snow fell steadily in the wild woods of Siberia...