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1 min read stories

Discover a collection of stories which are around 1 minute read time.

3 min read

The Formation of Hurricanes

At the beginning, there were the not-yet-living. Although they were something less than present, and something more than absent, the not-yet-living were...

1 min read

Acorn Duly Crushed

* Story contains bad language

Dear stupid forest.Dear patently retarded forest.Dear beautiful ugly stupid forestfull of nightingaleswhy won’t you shut up.What do you want from me.A train...

1 min read

Soup Is One Form of Salt Water

I am making borscht      please do not laugh at me      I seem to have ruined mysoul      the quality of television programming grows stronger all the...

1 min read

And This Too Comes Apart

People agree with sleep They nod into it but death they sometimes fight off until they can’t                                   and then from their graves...

1 min read

Travel Plaza

The day not redolent of anything in particular but more generally it folds into itself a little bag that hides a larger bag inside The day promises only to...

1 min read

It Is Like Surgery But It Is Not Surgery

When you split infinity you just get moreinfinity It’s different with crackers with bellswith an eagle When an eagle flies intoa bell the bell rings the...

1 min read

Because I am Looking to Complicate My Biography I Go Out to Buy a Tree

I sit with my head in the meadow and compare it to the stonesIn my biography I own a homeI associate my home with pleasant feelingsIn my biography I am very...

1 min read

If You Go into the Woods You Will Find It Has a Technology

This tree has a small LED display It is glowing and it can show you words and it can show you pictures and it can melt from one choice to another and you are...

1 min read

My Pentagon

It was the military         coming togetheron paper under glassto shine on me! they         called me        damp thing it was my name comingtogether under...

1 min read

A New Career

Be here at eightsaid the group leader.I was late but shesaid that was okayand handed me a kitjust like hersa tin box full of nailsand a hammer.I strapped my...

1 min read


This program is designed to move a white line from one side of the screen to the other.This program is not too hard, but it has a sad ending and that makes...

1 min read

The Avalanche Club

The article said it helps to look for one thing, as a way of accidentally discovering something else. I picked bears. I was looking for bears.It didn’t work....