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The Miller, His Son and Their Ass

A miller and his son try to walk a donkey - but get into difficulty when they listen to everyone's opinion.

2 min read

Dolly Dimple

Four year old Babs wants her Dolly in the night - but Dolly has other ideas!

1 min read

The Moon-Cake

A big boy tricks a little boy into giving him his cake by comparing it to the moon.

3 min read

Henny Penny

When Henny Penny is hit on the head, she thinks the sky is falling down!

3 min read

The Three Robbers

Three robbers overcome ten traders - until the traders start talking to each other.

1 min read

The Old Man and His Grandson

A little boy's parents treat his grandfather terribly... until the parents realise an important lesson.

2 min read

The Straw, The Coal and the Bean

A Brothers Grimm fable about how beans came to have a black seam!

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Ten Ten-word Tales

Ten words, one tale. Ten tales, a hundred words.