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1 min read stories

Discover a collection of stories which are around 1 minute read time.

2 min read

The Exchange

“Hello, sir. How may I help you?”

3 min read

One Summer Night

The fact that Henry Armstrong was buried did not seem to him to prove that he was dead ...

1 min read

The Ingenious Patriot

Witty reworking of the -style fable.

3 min read

Fishing For Jasmine

A woman feels an affinity with a coma patient in her care.

2 min read


The moment when a life changes - and there's no going back.

2 min read

Fund Day

A cautionary tale for anyone considering involvement in high finance.

3 min read

The Hero

A brief memory from 1918.

2 min read

Phase in Space

Humorous Sci-Fi tale of how the world could be.

1 min read

Bitches And Whores And The US Army

* Story contains bad language

Very short story.

1 min read

King M

A humorous African parable.

1 min read

The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

Classic fable. Moral: Appearances can be deceptive.