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20 min read stories

Discover a collection of stories which are around 20 minutes read time.

16 min read

Paddy & Veronika

* Story contains bad language

From the Czech Republic, her name was Veronika Markova, twenty-two years old, and she was sitting on their sofa, with Max on her lap, although the interview...

17 min read

Kavita & Dr Mehrotra

She might have saved money by opting for the usual Bombay taxi: cramped, fumy, with no air-conditioning and a few gods on the dashboard. Instead, Kavita...

16 min read


* Story contains bad language

We gathered for the last time in October, under the pretense of discussing a novel that was currently bobbing along in the zeitgeist like a rubber duck at...

18 min read

The Monkey's Paw

Without, the night was cold and wet, but in the small parlor of Lakesnam Villa the blinds were drawn and the fire burned brightly. Father and son were at...

23 min read


* Story contains bad language

I got another barber that comes over from Carterville and helps me out Saturdays, but the rest of the time I can get along all right alone. You can see for...

16 min read

An Affair of State

Paris had just heard of the disaster of Sedan. The Republic was proclaimed. All France was panting from a madness that lasted until the time of the...

16 min read

Bamboo and the Turtle

* Story contains bad language

A boy called Bamboo helps a turtle escape a temple, and goes on a big adventure.

16 min read

Hansel and Gretel

* Story contains bad language

The classic fairytale about a clever brother and sister, and a gingerbread house...

20 min read

East of the Sun and West of the Moon

A young girl breaks her promise, and must voyage east of the sun and west of the moon to recover her love.

16 min read

The Tongue-Cut Sparrow

* Story contains bad language

An old woman is cruel to a sparrow - and is repaid in kind.

15 min read

The Adventures of Kintaro, The Golden Boy

The tale of a brave boy samurai, and his adventures with his animal friends.