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26 min read stories

Discover a collection of stories which are around 26 minutes read time.

25 min read

What Was It?

A gentleman moves into a reputedly haunted apartment block. Initially amused by the idea, he soon has reason to take it seriously.

31 min read

Simon at the Shore Line

* Story contains bad language

Are halter-tops and half price Bermudas part of the grand design?

30 min read

Blues in the Night

* Story contains bad language

When Katherine sails into a secluded bay she seems destined to meet a creative kindred spirit in blues musician Matt.

26 min read

The German Woman and the Carpenter

European-flavoured tale of the mysterious, rotund Gudrun Schmidt von Feldenstein and her Mexican winters.

27 min read

How I Became A Man

* Story contains bad language

Inside every gentle, affable guy - and nation - there is a raging beast.

24 min read

The Life of the Party

Such a charming couple! Young, elegant, good conversationalists - but, of course, they never give the impression they are aware of it.

21 min read


* Story contains bad language

Damien finds out who he is .. by becoming someone else.

21 min read

Background Noise

* Story contains bad language

A change of life leads to disaster

21 min read

The Remarkable Rocket

* Story contains bad language

A firework thinks he is really amazing and tells everyone so - but is he right?

21 min read

The Haunted Valley

* Story contains bad language

A man uncovers the dark secret of a mysterious valley owned by a xenophobic drunkard.

21 min read


The sweet story of the adventures of a girl no larger than a person's thumb.

29 min read

The Other Option

Quince returns to the life-selling business, but this time he's got competition