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3 min read stories

Discover a collection of stories which are around 3 minutes read time.

1 min read

Fast Clouds

It sounds good to lie on top of a thing and to melt halfway into it. A raft or a hill.Then you realize there is a splinter in your ear. Or you are eroding...

1 min read

The Small Husband

If you want to talk to your husbandand your husband is very smallyou lie down on the floorand the floor is coldbut you warm itand you look at the wallwhere...

1 min read

Aesthetics of Crying

You meet someone and later you meettheir dancing                         and you have to start againYou like cat one                           and you like...

1 min read


Of my days I’m directornot author                  and neither of us hasany moneyI was born with a wooden spoonin my ass                  Imagine my...

1 min read

Nature Poem

Yesterday it was marsh marigolds by the river with my mother and in the afternoon forsythia with Chris                  (he dislikes it) and today it is...

1 min read

The Terror of the Beautiful Is Our Terror Too

We can’t be other than we are and we are hungry for some fruitand we are holding up a tangerine in these our terrorized handsOh look how everything is...

1 min read

I Will Know You by Your Red Carnation

The box probably full of live animals or other animals has gone missingand with it the sense of crushed sadness to which we’d so lovingly tendedand now we...

1 min read

Theme Song

Because we are mammals we illuminate glasses of milkWe make wine and play the triangle whose corners ring through us to the nightWe are mammals in the...

1 min read

Moss Does Not Love Other Moss

It isn’t dark yet though it should be dark The grass is bright you can still see it and warm and you can smell it and elsewhere two people hold one another...

1 min read


Every day to wake up supposing so many lines at once they seem more of an air or some skinPlease give me enough darkness to hear a bell ringing and keep it...

1 min read


On my first day at the new job I scanned my whole body and could not find a nameI felt like a biblical error, I had to lie downEtiquette says a young widow...

1 min read


* Story contains bad language

She brings shampoo bottles home. I don’t remember if she did or not, but I swear she brought the sheets home too. I probablydecided to build a fort. Whenever...