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3 min read stories

Discover a collection of stories which are around 3 minutes read time.

1 min read

The Stranger on Burnside Ave.

In the shadows God is a stranger who stops me to say that car handles nicely. God glows like birth, and it's cold like we need the warmth of fire.Brisk...

1 min read

Narrating a Reunion

Wasn’t it a strange house? That swimming pool above ground?Some streamers & party horns, whistles too for the little ladies looking for balloons un pastel de...

1 min read

Diego Rivera, the Flower Carrier, 1935

He kneels under the burden of flowers, looking down, he cannot feel their beauty. The purple heft of it weighs him down. His yellow sling used to latch the...

1 min read

Excavation of a Boy

Tell me the story again how you shaped clay into a toy.All you had was dirt. Such an old thing to have.I didn’t believe you until I visited your childhood...

1 min read

The Laundromat Saint

The way mother folded my clothes. What did I learn? I still don’t know what I’m doing.My hands could never be as good. Eight years old, I’m with Mom at our...

1 min read

Next Time They Will Wow Them With The Shiny Stuff

Luckily, the Indians see them coming. They see the sails. They are picnicking, the Indians. They have spread their blankets up on the rocks, where there is a...

3 min read

Small Spade

Did you know sometimes I take little Joel to your graves? I weed. He runs whooping through the stones, over bodies. He scalps Indians, beheads terrorists....

4 min read

So Much To Burn

My neighbor is burning his mail again.

1 min read

Miles Til Empty

The boy’s dad always waited until the last possible second to stop for gas. It thrilled the boy’s dad and annoyed the boy’s mom, though really this is saying...

2 min read

The Kissers

A man in a baseball cap stands in line with other men waiting to kiss a woman. The men are all sorts of men: fat, short, freckly, legal aides, dishwashers....

5 min read

The Hygienist

“Do you grind your teeth,” the Hygienist asked, but Callie didn’t answer because the Hygienist was fiddling in her mouth, and because Callie knew the...

4 min read

Gene Therapy for Nice Women in Love with Lunatics

The gene therapy comes later. Gene therapy is never a first resort!First comes ice cream. The nice women meet once a week at a parlor, while their husbands...