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33 min read stories

Discover a collection of stories which are around 33 minutes read time.

30 min read

The Master Maid

A stubborn young prince goes to work for an evil troll, and falls in love with a maid.

28 min read

The Bamboo Cutter and the Moon Child

A moonlight princess does not wish to marry, or else she will disappear.

31 min read

The Happy Hunter and Skillful Fisher

Two brothers, a skilled fisher and a happy hunter, try to get along.

31 min read

The Wild Swans

A sister loses her twelve brothers, who are turned into swans. Will she risk her own life to save them?

32 min read

Graciosa and Percinet

Percinet falls in love with a princess called Graciosa, and shows her true love.

29 min read

The Wonderful Sheep

A princess is stolen from her castle but meets a wonderful sheep.

30 min read

Autumn Flowers, And The Spring

These things do not happen to the dead, she told herself.

29 min read

Mending Jones

* Story contains bad language

It was eerie sometimes, how a room filled with talking people would quiet up when he spoke. I felt like I was that room full of people then.

29 min read

The Salt Gets in Mr. Valens’ Eyes

* Story contains bad language

The target, the target. I had little to go on.

34 min read

Was it Heaven? Or Hell?

Typhoid enters a religious household. An emotional tale examining the morality of lies.

30 min read

The Beetle-Hunter

A job advert with a bizarre set of requirements leads a young entomologist off on a mysterious adventure.