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38 min read stories

Discover a collection of stories which are around 38 minutes read time.

36 min read

Miss Harriet

* Story contains bad language

While travelling in Normandy a young artist meets a singularly unfriendly older woman.

36 min read

The Other Two

A man finds his life increasingly intertwined with those of his wife's previous two husbands.

33 min read

Eve's Diary

Creation's early days as recounted by earth's first woman.

36 min read

The Secret Garden

A decapitated body is found during a dinner party at the house of the Chief of the Paris Police, in the walled garden. Father Brown is a gu

33 min read

The Stock Broker's Clerk

A young clerk lands what appears to be an ideal job - but soon begins to suspect he may be part of an elaborate trick.

36 min read

The Yellow Sign

An artist and his model are disturbed by the appearence of a pale-faced man in the graveyard below their studio window.

35 min read

To Build a Fire

A man and his dog fight for survival during a bitterly cold Arctic trek.

36 min read

The Blue Cross

Hot on the trail of master criminal Flambeau, the head of the Paris police arrives in London, where he begins to notice small things out of

35 min read


When Lazarus comes back from the grave, something's not quite right.

35 min read

The Reigate Puzzle

A trip to the country, supposedly for a rest, lead Holmes into a mystery involving an apparently random burglary and the murder of a coachma

34 min read

The Lost Special

The confession of a convicted killer sheds light on the disappearance of a mysterious Frenchman - along with the entire train he was travell

35 min read

The Black Doctor

When a popular local doctor is murdered, the angry brother of his ex-fiance seems the obvious suspect - until the doctor's uknown past begin