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42 min read stories

Discover a collection of stories which are around 42 minutes read time.

38 min read

The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle

A Christmas mystery for detective Sherlock Holmes beginning with a lost hat and an abandoned goose.

49 min read

The House Of The Dead Hand

With the promise of a viewing of a lost Leonardo masterpiece, a man visits the home of the obsessive Dr. Lombard and his daughter.

32 min read

The Horror of the Heights

A pioneering aviator begins to suspect that the official explainations cannot account for the constant stream of in-air deaths and disappear

41 min read

A Scandal In Bohemia

* Story contains bad language

Holmes comes to the aid of the King of Bohemia, a case which brings him into contact with the adventuress Irene Adler.

40 min read

The Three Strangers

* Story contains bad language

On a wet and windy night, three strangers turn up at a young girl's christening party.

33 min read

A Venetian Night's Entertainment

* Story contains bad language

A renowned judge recalls a youthful adventure in Venice that began with an encounter with the beautiful Polixena Cador.

40 min read

The £1,000,000 Bank-Note

* Story contains bad language

A penniless man is bet that he can't survive for a month - starting and ending with nothing but an implausible, but real, £1,000,000 note.

39 min read

The Adventure Of Black Peter

An ill-tempered ex-ship's-captain is brutally murdered, pinned agaist the wall of his garden shed by a harpoon.

36 min read

The Birthday of the Infanta

A spectacular party is thrown in honour of the Infanta of Spain's birthday; there are actors, jugglers, magicians - and a dancing dwarf. A

39 min read

The Brazilian Cat

A hard-up young man receives a timely invitation to visit a mysterious, wealthy cousin at his country retreat - a bizzare menagerie of birds

34 min read

A Case of Identity

* Story contains bad language

Holmes investigates the case of a fiancee who disappeared on the day of the wedding.

33 min read


* Story contains bad language

Markeim arrives at an antique dealer's on Christmas day, ostensibly to buy a present for a lady. A tale of evil and its nature.